& how to make the shift if you’re not in alignment.

Photo by Laura Jane Haver

What does it mean to be in energetic alignment?

When you’re in energetic alignment, you’re in~tune with yourself and deeply connected to your energy & intuitive wisdom. You’re flowing to your own harmonious, high~vibrational rhythm, & your vibration magnetizes all~those~things that spark the flame within you.

When you’re in energetic alignment, you have clarity and momentum as you consciously create a life that feels authentic, abundant, and true, to you. You’re not making decisions to get approval and validation from others; you’re making decisions that are aligned with your visions, calling, gifts, and beliefs… and it feels luminous.

You wake…

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How to lift the anchor and propel forward

When you feel stuck, it feels like you are drifting in the middle of the ocean without momentum nor a compass.

Oftentimes you know what your potential is, and you have the telescope to see what could be yours from afar. You see all those “things” you would love to experience for yourself, as those things are glistening through the horizon.

You’re constantly on the lookout.

You might also feel the possibilities that are out there beyond your current reach, calling to you from beyond your direct line of sight.

This feeling keeps you curious.

But there is something heavy…

We’re not here to be dreading our week — we’re here to create joyfully

Photo: Eric Ward/Unsplash

When I was 22 years old, I landed a corporate sales gig in New York City. I felt so grown-up and established — I would finally get to be a real-life career woman living it up in the big city of opportunities. I didn’t even understand the job-at-hand. I was too consumed by the posh image in my head and the $40K salary that seemed like a fortune at the time. It wasn’t so fortunate when I realized how taxes work.

As I boxed up my college life, I watched How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days on repeat…

Are you acting, or being who you truly are?

Photo by Mariam Soliman on Unsplash

I’m speed-walking up Sixth Avenue, wiping sweat off my forehead and fighting the urge to throw my blister-bursting heels off. I spilled coffee dribbles all over my perfectly tailored pantsuit because I’m always rushing to the office, which was the result of my usual struggle to get out of bed in the morning.

The struggle was real because I never woke up energized. Instead, I woke up feeling completely uninspired and depleted.

There I am: playing the corporate career woman part perfectly (A+), yet feeling internally miserable. I felt like I was stuck playing a character that didn’t align with…

We are not here to live in a cage.

Picture by Laura Jane Haver

We are all birds at heart.

Craving to spread our wings and be authentically free; free to be our truest self. To feel at home in this divine world of ours; to flow with every gust of wind, defy gravity, gracefully collide with the energy of the universe, and find our own harmonious rhythm.

Yet, we have been programmed to stay in a cage. A cage of false limitations, finite opportunities, & zero superpowers; a cage of comfort, stability, & “safety”.

A cage of illusions.

In this cage, we completely forget that we can fly.

We have been programmed and…

Heal yourself from the deepest level within.

Photo by Laura Jane Haver @ Tune Into Your Vibe

In 2016, I was living what many outsiders would call a “dream life”. I was working at a tech startup making great money while wining-and-dining my way through San Francisco.

However; on the inside, it was a very different story and thus, reality. The stories we tell ourselves — which are told from our current energy— turn into the story of our life.

During this time, I was experiencing a low vibrational period of stagnation, burnout, and zero inspiration. Although many would say I was thriving, I constantly felt empty inside. I kept searching for “more” to fill me up…

Not the path you have been programmed to follow.

Photo by Laura Jane Haver @ Tune Into Your Vibe

There is absolutely nothing more important than creating and following your own unique, high~vibrational, spirit~soaring, soul~aligned path.

Not the path that someone else carved out for you.

Not the path you see everyone else taking.

Not the path your parents followed and bestowed upon you, not the path your grandparents followed and expected for them, nor the outdated path your ancestors followed generations ago.

Not the limited linear path that you were programmed to believe is “the only [right] way”, which is the path of “should~be’s”, “should~do’s”, “comfy”, & “good enoughs”.

And definitely not the path that fits a perfect…

It’s Time to Take Our Power Back.

Photo my Laura Jane Haver @ Tune Into Your Vibe

Reconnecting with our sovereignty is so critical right now during such a chaotic time in our world — a time that has attempted to rip us apart from our personal power and free-will.

Sovereignty lives within us, not outside of us like we have been programmed to believe. It’s way too easy to tune~out by seeking & absorbing “wisdom” and “knowledge” outside of ourselves, when it actually lives within us.

We truly do have all the power to “see” the truth around us and create a life of abundant soul-alignment, yet we have been conditioned to believe we are totally…

It’s a harmonious state of existence; it’s our natural existence.

Photo by Zac Durant on Unsplash

So many of us are taught that happiness is a mindset. We are told to “think” our happiness into existence.

Sounds super easy, right?

Probably not, because there is a wrinkle in this theory — or should I say giant hole? This practice leaves out all of our energetic layers that create our human essence. What about our heart, body, and spirit energy? We wouldn’t even be here on Earth trying to figure out how on Earth to be happy, without those divine energies giving us life.

Your heartaches? Your body is in dis~ease? Your spirit is suppressed? Just use…

It’s called being empathetically human, and our world needs you now more than ever

Photo by Carolina Heza on Unsplash

A few years ago I decided to try a very specific type of therapy: therapy for HSP, meaning for the Highly Sensitive Person. This label actually exists, so I was curious to explore what the prescription or treatment plan would be for an HSP. Why? Because I had been classified as “too sensitive” by certain people my entire life. From a very young age, I started to believe I had some sort of disability.

The depth and intensity of my feelings were labeled as flaws belonging to a highly sensitive creature; I was treated like I was an alien from…

Laura Jane Haver

I write about all things energetic, while empowering others to tune into their highest vibration. Energy Healer + Energy Coach @ tuneintoyourvibe.com

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