The truth has been hidden from us for centuries.

The multidimensional secrets of the Universe have been kept from us for centuries, carefully hidden through programming our minds with false manmade stories, inverted realities, half truths, quarter truths, and blatant lies.

It all starts when we’re young kids.

We don’t learn universal truths in the current school “system”. This…

& how to make the shift if you’re not in alignment.

What does it mean to be in energetic alignment?

When you’re in energetic alignment, you’re in-tune with yourself and deeply connected to your energy and intuitive wisdom. You’re flowing to your own harmonious, high-vibrational rhythm, & your vibration magnetizes all~those~things that spark the flame within you.

When you’re in energetic…

How to lift the anchor and propel forward

When you feel stuck, it feels like you are drifting in the middle of the ocean without momentum nor a compass.

Oftentimes you know what your potential is, and you have the telescope to see what could be yours from afar. …

We’re not here to be dreading our week — we’re here to create joyfully

When I was 22 years old, I landed a corporate sales gig in New York City. I felt so grown-up and established — I would finally get to be a real-life career woman living it up in the big city of opportunities. I didn’t even understand the job-at-hand. I was…

Are you acting, or being who you truly are?

I’m speed-walking up Sixth Avenue, wiping sweat off my forehead and fighting the urge to throw my blister-bursting heels off. …

The falling is your rising.

During the first year of my awakening, it felt like my entire life was crumbling before my eyes. In the beginning, I resisted the “letting go” part, in fear of losing “what was”.

I finally surrendered to the fall. I knew the Universe was shaking me awake for a higher…

As conscious creators, we have free-will.

We always have a choice

As conscious creators, we each have the freedom to choose the frequency we live on, every single day. We have free-will.

How do I live on my chosen frequency?

I do not allow externally projected, low vibrational energy into my realm.

I do not allow…

Words cast spells.

Words are way more powerful than we have been programmed to believe…

Our thoughts are words.
Our stories are words.
Our intentions are words.

Words are energetic.
Words hold a frequency.
Words carry codes of ancient wisdom.

Words touch our heart.
Words speak to our soul.
Words flow through our spirit.
Words program…

We are not here to live in a cage.

We are all birds at heart.

Craving to spread our wings and be authentically free; free to be our truest self. …

Heal yourself from the deepest level within.

In 2016, I was living what many outsiders would call a “dream life”. I was working at a tech startup making great money while wining-and-dining my way through San Francisco.

However; on the inside, it was a very different story and thus, reality. …

Laura Jane Haver

Guiding those who are awakening. Tune✧in to your energy, ≈flow into energetic alignment; be soulfully sovereign & free. Work with me @

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