Escape the Rat Race and Live Life On Your Own Terms

You’re always just one decision away from a more liberating life

Laura Jane Haver


Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

Just four years ago I experienced major corporate burnout, so I traded the rat race for a slow paced life where I run a true-north-aligned business that invigorates me AND gives me the freedom to spend long leisurely days with my son every day of the week.

I am now on a mission to help as many people as I can escape the rat race and align with their own true north, so they can live a deeply fulfilling life of presence, passion, abundance, and freedom… and spend their days as freely as they please.

What on Earth is the rat race?

The way I explain the rat race is that you’re constantly chasing a moving target of happiness. You’re always chasing the next best thing… the next promotion, the next pay raise, the next vacation, the next big break. It’s an endless pursuit of more success, more money, more achievement, more applause, more validation, more praise, MORE, MORE , and even MORE. When you’re in the rat race, you feel like once you reach MORE, you will be happier and more fulfilled.

The “race” part of the rat race is that this realm is extremely competitive and we easily compare ourselves to everyone else around us. Who is achieving more? Who is more successful? Who earns more? Who can climb the corporate ladder the fastest? Etc etc…

It’s an exhausting, repetitive chase that doesn’t leave much space for you to leisurely enjoy your life or spend your days as you please, doing what you truly love and following your passions. You get weekends and limited vacation days, but that’s really it. Then, you’re back to the race.

In the rat race, its really challenging to slow down, reflect on your life, listen to your intuition, and make decisions from your heart. This is because our ego is in the drivers seat in this race. Our egos are important to keep us driven, yet our ego should always be in the passenger seat, not the drivers seat.

However; in the rat race, our egos are often driving the car. Here is an example of how our ego may be driving (this is something I did in the past while in the rat race that I know many others can relate to)