Overcoming The Fear of Speaking Your Truth

On the other side of this fear… lives freedom.

Laura Jane Haver


photo by Laura Jane Haver www.laurajanehaver.com

So many of us carry the fear of speaking our truth and sharing our authentic expression with the world.

It’s that fear of being seen and heard for who we truly are in our most authentic expression.

This is something that holds us back from our higher calling and our freedom because…

If you’re not embodying & expressing your authentic self, you’re not free.

If you’re not speaking your truth from your heart and soul… you’re not free.

If you’re not following your higher calling because of the fear of being seen for who you authentically are and what you stand for… you’re not free.

And if you aren’t speaking your truth because of your fear of judgment or disapproval… you’re not free.

Authenticity is the gateway to freedom. To be real with ourselves and real with others. This includes speaking our truth. When we suppress our truth, and our authentic voice, we suppress our calling, our gifts, and our wisdom. We suppress our Soul.

This is such a passionate topic for me because this is something I have been healing for several years now.

I heard the call to start a podcast a few years ago when I first started my coaching business. I craved to share my voice, stories, and heart-wisdom outloud with the world, to be of service to those who are in resonance. However, I allowed this heavy fear of being heard, being seen, and then being judged, ridiculed, criticized, and misunderstood hold me back.

I couldn’t even take the first step. I stopped before I even started.

However, this past year I decided to conquer my fear and go for it. It felt so scary and uncomfortable but I pushed through and persevered and finally started a podcast called, To Be Free, which is a huge part of my healing journey in sharing my authentic expression with the world. Speaking my truth and aligning with my mission is so deliciously freeeeing and expansive. I am liberating myself through this process.

When you really immerse yourself in the healing journey, you begin to realize how much resistance we can create…