Your Journey is Harder Because Your Calling is Higher

Your breakdowns lead to your greatest breakthroughs.

Laura Jane Haver
3 min readJan 22, 2022
Photo by Julia Caesar on Unsplash

When you’re spiritually awakening and ascending towards your true north, you go through an initiation of sorts…

You may find yourself journeying through the “void” — the in-between between who you were and who you are becoming — a darker season of isolation, stagnation, discomfort, confusion, and resistance.

The void is a time and space where you are being asked to deeply heal; to unveil your darkest shadows, peel back the layers of your conditioning/programming/pain, face your biggest fears, process your triggers and insecurities, and rotate your entire perspective of reality.

In this void, you unlearn all you have been taught about who you are in this lifetime in order to tune into who you truly are as a multidimensional soul living a temporary human experience. This is the sacred path of ascension.

Ascension can feel like you’re falling into a downward spiral as your known reality is shapeshifting into the mysterious unknown, towards your organic blueprint and higher calling.



Laura Jane Haver

Align with your true soul calling — your true north — and manifest a life of alignment, authenticity, and ultimate freedom.